Video: Suffering from trisomy 21, she announces to her father that she has joined the dance team at her school

The 14-year-old rejoiced when she learned she had been accepted into her school’s drill team (a dance team based on the military march). She hastened to call her dad, at work that day, to tell him the good news.

Integrating a team from your school is always an event, especially in the United States, where it is an institution. This is the happy news learned by the young Bree Cox, suffering from trisomy 21 (or Down syndrome).

The young American caught the dance bug thanks to her two older sisters, Kyra, 18, and Adrie, 16. For Bree, her sisters are ” models ” and it is natural that the young girl followed in their footsteps, attending all their performances and competitions. She dreamed of one day joining her school team too.

But Bree’s mother, Kecia, feared that her daughter’s dream would never see the light of day because of her disability. ” Bree didn’t understand that she had a disability. It almost broke my heart at the time, because I really didn’t know if she would ever do it, and how was I going to explain that to her if she didn’t? I don’t want to limit it in any way, but I also want to protect it ,” says the mother of seven.

Bree’s family has always encouraged her to pursue her dream despite the barriers she might encounter. The perseverance of the young teenager finally paid off.

A touching moment that moved the whole web
Bree and her sister Adrie rehearsed together before auditioning in front of judges. Despite the pressure, Bree admits to not having been nervous during the group performance. Three days later, the two sisters each received a letter telling them that they had been accepted into the school team.

“ When they first told her she had made it, she said, ‘I know.’ As if nothing had happened… She was so proud , ”recalls her mother. Later that evening, Bree called her father to tell him the good news while he was still at work.

A moment immortalized in images, then published on social networks where the video was a hit. We can see the young girl overwhelmed with emotion when she announces to her dad that she has just been integrated into the drill team of her school. ” We had no idea that she would become so emotional ,” says her mother.

Bree then told everyone she met that she had achieved her dream. “ Bree is happiest when she feels like she belongs and can do something she loves. That she’s in a situation where she can do what she loves, be accepted and treated like anyone else… We can’t really ask for anything else ,” Kecia gloated. On the net, Internet users have also succumbed to the emotion and joy of Bree.


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