Here is Quimera, the “double-faced” cat that is melting the hearts of Internet users

Quimera is a cat affected by a particular genetic anomaly. His “double-faced” figure fascinates Internet users. Back in pictures on this majestic cat.

This pussy is one of a kind. Quimera is arguably the most beautiful furball in the world. Originally from Argentina , Quimera is a chimera cat . His “double-faced” face is the result of a rare genetic anomaly. As a result, the little cat has a perfectly symmetrical two-tone face.

Cut into two parts, Quimera’s face is black with a blue eye on one side and brown with a yellow-green eye. The cat is simply resplendent. According to specialists, the almost perfect balance of chimera cats is the result of a fusion of embryos.

Indeed, at the start, there were two embryos in the womb of the mother. For some unknown reason, the two embryos merge to become a single embryo.

Chimera cats also possess two DNAs . And the least we can say is that this anomaly does not fail them. On social networks, chimera cats are real little starlets. Quimera is no exception to the rule. The latter has her own Instagram account and 94,000 subscribers follow her daily life.

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