Stray cat returns to find her babies who were brought to the shelter

When Alissa Smith, co-founder of Wrenn Rescues, was contacted to save four little kittens, she responded quickly.

“There were only 15 minutes left, and no one else could take them but luckily the networking group got them out safely, and a wonderful woman named CJ transported them to Ventura County, in California, down to us,” Alissa told Love Meow.

Apparently the fluffy little balls were found in someone’s yard with their mother, but the mother cat quickly slipped away and ran away.

Ashley, one of the foster family volunteers, feeds and cares for them at night.

“The kittens were obviously well taken care of by their mother cat. When the orphaned kittens land in the shelter, they usually no longer see their mum,” Alissa said.

“Another important reason to leave kittens where they are instead of taking them to the shelter. »

Ashley and Jenifer were perfectly prepared to hand-raise the kittens until they were weaned, but something amazing happened.

The guys who dropped the kittens came home and were surprised to find the mother cat outside looking for her babies.

“They managed to catch her and bring her back,” Ashley said.

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