The camera captured a woman who had come to the forest to cunningly abandon her dog

There are many heart-warming stories between animals and people.

Unfortunately, there are those who talk about animal cruelty. A park surveillance camera captured ruthless scenes between a heartless woman and her dog.

Camera workers noticed how this woman cunningly wanted to get rid of her pet.

When the specialists shot the recorded scenes, they saw a woman get out of the car with a dog.

She made her animal believe that they were going for a walk in the forest and left him alone by abandoning him.

Leaving the car, the poor animal followed his mistress without suspecting his bad intentions.

They went towards the direction of the shrubs as if to take a walk together. Then something unexpected happened.

Suddenly, the woman was seen running quickly to her car to leave the poor dog helpless in the forest. Then she got into the car and closed the door.

At that point, the camera specialists understood that she really wanted to leave her dog behind.

She drove away with her car and the doggie was left alone.

Upon noticing the hideous actions of the woman, the owners of the security cameras contacted an animal rights organization announcing what happened in the forest.

Volunteers arrived very quickly and found the dog by taking him to a shelter.

They recorded a video and wrote an article about abandoned dogs advising to find them new owners or at least take them to the shelter.

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