This is the best rendition of AVE MARIA I have ever heard. Her voice is just a gift from God

The four judges of “The Voice” rarely agree with each other. So when they do, you can be sure it’s something extraordinary, something out of the ordinary. And, it will surely give you goosebumps!

This time it was Bella Taylor Smith’s rendition of Beyonce’s song “Ave Maria.” She is a 23-year-old Sydney resident, who is a singing teacher and, more importantly, a church singer.

Guy Sebastian and Keith Urban, two of the toughest judges to please, gave him the green card within 15 seconds of his performance.

“I will probably never forget that audition; Honestly, it was a really amazing performance,” singer and judge Rita Ora commented after her performance. The other judges were equally mesmerized.

Singer Keith Urban said: “There are things you’ve been through, and I don’t even know what they are yet, but I could hear them and I could definitely feel them. »

She chose to be mentored by Guy Sebastian. She said she bonded with him over their shared experience of singing in church.

She received a standing ovation for her outstanding performance. After such an outstanding performance, none of the judges could hold back their enthusiasm, as did their students, who are also very happy to see their teacher pursue his passion for singing.

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