“It touched my soul”, Vin Diesel very moved by the presence of Meadow Walker in Fast X

Currently in theaters, Fast X introduced a character played by Paul Walker’s daughter. Despite his short appearance in the film, it was enough to move the colossus Vin Diesel, as he recounted.

In Fast and Furious X , directed by Frenchman Louis Leterrier, Meadow Walker plays a flight attendant who comes to the aid of Jakob Toretto (played by John Cena), Dom’s brother. The sequence is short and his character does not even have a name, and this is not to displease the main interested party:

” I wanted something very small and simple, that if you didn’t know who I was, you wouldn’t even notice ,” Meadow Walker told Entertainment Tonight . A small role that the young woman of 23 years had announced, photo in support, in an Instagram publication, indicating “to be able to honor the legacy of [s]on father “.

A short appearance, like a symbol, which moved Vin Diesel , the hero of the saga.

“ It stirred something in my soul, to see her wanting to honor her father and contribute in her own way to his life’s work. It mattered a lot , ”says in People magazine the one who shared the poster seven times with Paul Walker in the Fast and Furious saga .

Actress Michelle Rodriguez, also present since the beginning of the franchise, had a moving thought for her late colleague: “ It means everything to us because the memory of Paul will never die within the franchise. So as long as we’re shooting, we have to keep his energy alive .”

The aspiring actress, model in life, specifies that her father did not want her to pursue a career in the film industry and adds that he “ would obviously be very proud ” of her presence in the tenth opus of the saga.

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