This Homeless Dog’s Life Changed When This Young Man Adopted Him

There are many dogs and cats roaming the streets. They are often hungry, thin and exhausted.

There are people who ignore them, there are those who pity them and buy them food.

But still, these wandering animals are numerous and it is not possible to take care of all of them, especially in undeveloped countries.

Luckily, there are kind-hearted people out there who adopt homeless animals, care for them, and make their lives happy.

A young man named Patrice acted in such a way. Upon encountering a stray dog, thin and exhausted, he could not hold back his tears.

He took the pooch home and adopted him. He gave her the cute name Happy.

First, the dog was taken to the vet.

The doctor said that he had no illnesses, but that he needed treatment and also attention and love.

At first the dog was scared because he had never known good relationships with people.

But after some time his attitude began to change. Happy befriended his rescuer.

He had a good appetite and became very lively. Above all, he liked to play ball with Patrice, he ran after the ball that Patrice threw at him.

It was a magnificent spectacle.

After so much suffering, now the dog understands that you can be happy when there is someone who loves you and supports you.

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