In a good Spanish school the teacher teaches the boys a very important subject

In one of the schools in the city of Vigo in Spain, the boys learn several household chores.

The school administration confirms that there are no jobs that are exclusively female and that every adult male, as well as teenagers, should be able to fend for themselves.

The Colégio Montebelo decided to teach such a subject to boys, because with time the knowledge of household occupations becomes more and more important.

Nowadays, the female half of society does not stay at home as it once did.

Many mothers have to go to work to support themselves.

And it would be better if their husbands or their sons come to their aid, because everyone must have the responsibility of keeping their house clean.

The subject taught to male college students is called Home Skills.

Schoolchildren learn to do housework: cooking, cleaning and ironing.

Professor Gabriel Bravo says that most of the students have accepted the new discipline well and understood its importance.

They participate in the course with great pleasure and amusement. With their aprons tied at the waist, they learn to do various household chores.

“I find this material very useful. Pupils learn all the household chores very quickly: doing the laundry, washing the dishes, ironing and cooking,” explains the teacher.

He adds that the parents are also very happy and thank the school administration for this good initiative.

The school often shares photos and posts on its official Facebook page, showing how the Skills at Home lessons are going.

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