Real Barbie from Armenia: here’s how her real face was before plastic surgery

This girl with a sensational appearance is called Lilith. She is originally from Armenia.

She is a model and designer and is also called the Armenian Barbie.

Before this unusual transformation, the girl successfully took part in beauty contests.

She completely changed through plastic surgery to become like a doll.

Lilith Martirossian was born in 1988 in a traditional Armenian family. Her mother is a psychologist and her father an athlete.

Since Lilith liked to draw, her relatives took her to art school.

She started her modeling career in 2012.

And then, the idea came to him to completely change his appearance to look like a Barbie doll.

The result was shocking. In the current metamorphosis, there are no Lilith traits from before.

She even changed her name to Lily Morto.

To achieve such a result, she had to undergo several plastic surgery and cosmetic tricks.

Before all these operations, she was a real natural beauty with an oriental appearance.

Her parents and loved ones can’t explain why she decided to change so much and just look like a Barbie.

Currently, Lily is quite popular in her country.

She gives interviews about her appearance and her lifestyle and participates in different shows and gains followers on Instagram.

She is famous by also participating in the television show Women’s club.

The young woman married a plastic surgeon from Armenia.

In her native country, not everyone admires her face and figure, but she doesn’t care how the public treats her.

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