Florent Pagny helped Anne Sila, who had suffered 20 stab wounds from her companion

Florent Pagny was supported by many people after the news of his cancer came to light. Among those who supported him was Anne Sila. Candidate for “The Voice” twice, the young woman experienced dark days a few years ago. We give you more details.

If today Anne Sila seems to be enjoying her life as a star, the singer had faced difficult times before. Before her participation in “The Voice”, the thirties was stabbed by her former companion. She also talked about it during one of her interviews.


If she did not come out a winner during her first participation in “The Voice”, Anne Sila finally won during the “All Stars” season.

As a reminder, it was during the year 2015 that the public met the young woman. Even if at the time, it was Lilian who won the competition, the young woman was promised a bright future.

The young woman was quick to find a contract with Decca Records, a subsidiary of Universal.

This collaboration of the beautiful brunette with the record company was notably announced via a press release.

To welcome him, Pascal Negre, had posted on his Twitter account that he was eager to listen to Anne Sila’s album. There is no doubt that this pleased the main concerned.


Her first appearance in “The Voice” was special for Anne Sila. Especially since a year before her participation, the young woman had to face a terrible ordeal.

Indeed, in 2014, the interpreter of “I’m coming back to get you” was stabbed almost twenty times by his companion at the time who “had a delirious puff, which is a mental illness”. She never “really” talked about this drama until her appearance on “50′ Inside” in 2021.

“He stabbed me. I had to deal with all this pain, physical and mental. It was a test for me and for this person too”, revealed Anne Sila during her interview.

But all that is now behind the musician. In September 2021, she said she was doing better.


Despite this trauma, Anne had taken her courage in both hands to participate in the musical competition of TF1 in 2015. She joined the team of Florent Pagny and very quickly, the coach and the candidate became very close.

And when, one day, the singer was “afraid to go on stage”, Florent Pagny helped her overcome her fear. How ? The one whom Anne Sila describes as “very calm” and “very attentive” “offered him some rosehip oil that he makes with his wife, in Argentina”.

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