“Everyone should be happy. I want to leave a peaceful image, ”admits Line Renaud at the end of her life

Soon to appear in a TV movie at the end of life, the actress took the opportunity to recall her commitment to euthanasia.

“Everyone should be happy. I want to leave a soothing image. My friends want me to leave without suffering , ”recalls Line Renaud in an interview with Paris Match .

The 94-year-old actress and sidekick to Dany Boon in the cinema has always fought to legalize assisted dying with dignity. Before finding her in a TV movie which will be broadcast next May on this theme, Line Renaud had signed, in August 2022, a forum in Le Journal du Dimanche calling for the legalization of euthanasia .

During her meeting with President Emmanuel Macron a month later, the actress had ” convinced ” the head of state: ” the president made me understand that it would be done “, she explained at the microphone of RTL.

In the interview published this week, Line Renaud also mentioned her own relationship at the end of life . ” In my bed with my dog ​​Pirate next to me…if he’s still alive!” I will pet him, I will ask him to come closer to me and he will come closer. I will be surrounded by all my relatives, with whom I will talk .

For the actress, it is out of the question to suffer a trauma and to make it live for her loved ones, she who has seen some of them die ” in excruciating pain “.

“ I like people, I don’t like to see people suffer. It’s unbearable, that’s why I will fight , ”she said on the radio. Even if it means being illegal: “ If suffering happens, I will circumvent the law! It’s decided: without the law, I’ll die resisting ”.

While waiting to discover it in this TV production that is close to her heart, Line Renaud declares all her love for life. “ I love life and it gives it back to me. […] And I have no intention of bowing out anytime soon! “.

Last September, the National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE) accepted the possibility of “ active ” assistance in dying, which is very supervised, in France.


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