The nurse gave life to a one-year-old boy who was at risk of dying without a donor

There is a question that is not so delicate, but essential, to discuss with parents or to wonder about. This is about organ donation.

From the psychological point of view, we accept our own disappearance, but on the other hand, we are aware that organ donation saves lives every day.

This is why it is essential to think about it and present your decision in advance. Without the help of this nurse, this child, who was only one year old at the time, would no longer be alive.

The family of Bodie Hall, of this one-year-old boy, is infinitely grateful for this emphatic and courageous woman who saved the life of their son.

The little one suffers from a serious disease, kidney failure, which forces the body to release too much protein in the urine.

“His future looked dark. He had no chance of staying alive. He desperately needed a kidney transplant,” wrote the Good Morning America newspaper.

The parents were doing all they could to find a suitable donor for Bodie, but to no avail. Because of the coronavirus and the postponement of all surgeries, they had lost all hope of getting organs in time.

The parents were disappointed, but fortunately the circumstances took an incredible turn. Taylor Pikkarainen being informed of the boy’s condition by his sister, decided to give the little one a second chance. She called the family right away to let them know she would be willing to donate a kidney to Bodie.

Taylor had a medical examination and tests showed she was fully compatible with the child. However, due to the Covid, the operation was postponed and was carried out in 2020 in the month of July.

Both operations went well and soon after Bodie’s condition progressed for the 1st time. Now the family has the opportunity to dream of a long-term future.

The nurse was honored by the family and in the media, despite everything, this courageous and magnanimous woman is very modest. According to her, there was nothing extraordinary in her step. She saved Bodie, so he could turn 2 next month.

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