Ryan Reynolds follows Hugh Jackman’s sports training for the next Deadpool. The result mind-blowing

For the release of the film Deadpool 3, actor Ryan Reynolds decided to follow a tough sports training: that of Hugh Jackman, also called “the beast”. Zoom.

Strength training multiple times a day, ultra-heavy weights and eating over 8,000 calories are what define Hugh Jackman ‘s training to get Wolwerine ‘s body. The actor embarks on an aggressive workout that transforms his silhouette with each new instalment. Moreover, he very regularly shares videos of himself on Instagram doing bodybuilding exercises.

For his part, Ryan Reynolds does not seem to be a big sports fan. However, when it comes to work, the actor does things by halves. And on the occasion of the upcoming release of Deadpool 3 , the actor has decided to get back in shape and have a figure worthy of the superhero he plays. Result: he decided to follow the very strict training of Hugh Jackman. As Insider reports , Ryan Reynolds opened up about the sports program to ET Canada and assured that Hugh Jackman was a “beast”: “I’m trying…Hugh Jackman is a beast, you know? He is clearly obsessed with his own body. So following someone who is this diligent is going to be difficult. But, yeah, it’s fun.”

On Instagram, it is with humor that Ryan Reynolds revealed his training. He shared a photo of himself at the gym in a sweatshirt for the caption: “Keeping Up With The Jackmans”.

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