At 101 years old, this woman reveals the secret of her incredible longevity

“ The true age is the one we have in mind ”. And it is not Dinkie Flowers who would disapprove of the quote from Agnès Abécass. The reason ? The one who is about to celebrate her 102 years is in great shape and crunches life to the fullest.

Dinkie Flowers is a superheroine. His power ? Enjoy excellent health despite his advanced age. At 101 years old, this former British professional dancer displays exceptional vitality.

The centenarian, who lives in Sussex County, attributes her longevity to sunshine and dancing. A discipline that she still practices today in her own studio.

“I can’t stop dancing”
The one who was born in 1921 began dancing at the age of three. And the least we can say is that Dinkie Flowers was particularly gifted. Indeed, she performed in front of Prince Philip in 1952.

But that’s not all ! She has also traveled the world to show off her talents, notably in Baghdad, where she danced in front of the Iraqi royal family. Dinkie Flowers is also passionate about figure skating.

Today, the super granny is formal: physical activity has allowed her to stay in great shape: ” I recommend dancing and moving to stay fit and healthy ,” she told the Daily Mail. .

Before adding: “ I can’t stop dancing, you see. Dancing keeps me alive, dancing and the sun make me happy ”.

As the British daily specifies, Dinkie Flowers will celebrate its 102nd birthday on May 7. To do this, she will organize a “Ritz-style” tea party. On the menu: cucumber sandwiches, scones, cream cakes, not forgetting tea served in porcelain cups.

Ahead of her 100th birthday in 2021, the centenarian did three 45-minute fitness workouts and three 20-minute walks a week to raise money for charity.

Five years ago, she appeared on the hit BBC show ‘The Greatest Dancer’ at the age of 98. She was married to George Flowers, who ran the famous Raymond Revuebar, a theater and strip club located in London.

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