This pregnant woman discovers that she is allergic to the baby she is carrying

Story of an unpleasant story experienced by a pregnant woman who had the very bad surprise to discover that she was allergic… to her baby.

Every pregnancy is unique and pregnant women never have the same experiences.

If overall, the testimonials evoke 9 months of happiness barely disturbed by the usual inconveniences, some future mothers, on the other hand, experience difficult and sometimes traumatic episodes.

This is what happened to a certain Fiona Hooker, a thirty-year-old British woman who discovered that she was allergic to her… own baby , two months from the end of her pregnancy.

Aged 32, the young woman, already the mother of a little girl, thus lived a nightmare and she was far from imagining the causes.

It all starts after 31 weeks of pregnancy, as told by the Daily Mail.

At this time, Fiona has no particular worries about the arrival of her second child. Pregnant for seven months, she has indeed known no addict and everything seems to be going perfectly.

But when she thinks she has escaped the little complications that can poison the life of future mothers, she wakes up one fine morning with puffy red spots on her itchy belly.

Not very worried at first, she must however quickly face the facts! There is obviously something wrong, especially since the itching is getting stronger and stronger.

Fiona then consults a dermatologist, but he wants to reassure her by assuring her that it is not uncommon to observe “ strange reactions at the end of pregnancy ”.

Not convinced by this explanation, the young woman, not noticing any improvement in her condition, finally decided to go to the emergency room of Basingstoke hospital (Hampshire) a month later.

And once again, the doctors tell her that the redness and other itching are caused by pregnancy and the stress that it generates. He was still prescribed corticosteroids, but they had no effect.

Fiona finally gives birth to a little Barney a few weeks later but she struggles to take advantage of this happy event, because if the baby is doing wonderfully, the young mother’s state of health continues to worsen.

The red patches on his stomach will thus degenerate into blisters and what the doctors will reveal to him is beyond comprehension. After examining her, they tell her that she is actually suffering from pemphigoid gestationis and that she is somehow allergic to her own baby.

This rare autoimmune disease affects one in 20,000 to 50,000 pregnant women. It is attributed to a gene present in the child’s DNA, causing an allergic reaction that forces the mother’s immune system to attack his epidermis.

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