A 13-year-old Ukrainian violinist performing “Imagine” touches hearts

Thirteen-year-old violinist Karolina Protsenko welcomes everyone to the commercial area for her acoustic performance with Oscar Stembridge as they perform together for the first time. Oscar has an acoustic guitar with him and Karolina has her violin. Karolina starts talking about how many bad things are happening in the world with Covid and the war in her native Ukraine.

“In our world, we need more peace, love and hope. Oscar starts playing, then Karolina steps in and plays along. Karolina starts dancing while playing, then Oscar starts singing with a surprisingly powerful voice for a young boy.

The two play and sing “Imagine” by John Lennon. It was written in 1971, but the lyrics still ring true today. He encourages listeners to imagine a world of peace, where everyone lives in harmony. Many people gather around them and are impressed by the beauty of the games and songs. People record and complement the two musicians and receive massive applause from the crowd. Karolina Protsenko is 13 years old and performs as a violinist.

She was born in Ukraine into a family of musicians and her parents play guitar and piano. Their family moved to the United States years ago when she was 6 years old. In just four years, his fan base has grown to over 10 million followers in over 50 countries.

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