Two years later, the little wolf repaid the old woman’s kindness

This story takes place in a small village. There were no more than ten houses and they were heated with wood. During the summer, the villagers collected firewood in the forest. There lived a modest old woman.

One day she went to the forest to look for firewood. As she was breaking the branches of a fallen tree, she heard someone crying. The wolf cub fell into a trap with his paw and cried plaintively, because he did not know what to do.

The woman took pity on the poor animal. She freed him and went back to pick up branches. But the little wolf followed him and did not hesitate. Then the old woman took him home. There she took care of the baby for about two months. But even the most playful wild animal belongs to nature. The woman knew it.

When the wolf cub grew stronger, she took him to the clearing, where she had recently rescued him, and set him free. The cub ran into the forest.

Two years have passed. One winter the firewood for the summer ran out and my grandmother had to harvest branches again. In the forest, she felt dizzy, she fell and lost consciousness.

When she came to after a while, she found the little cubs rubbing against her body. She opened her eyes and screamed. The woman was so shocked that she didn’t notice how a proud wolf approached her.

The wolf slowly turned and headed into the forest. At that moment, the old woman saw that her savior was limping on one leg.

Then the old woman understood that the little cub she had once saved had become a beautiful and affectionate wolf, and that she did not let her freeze to death in this grove.

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