She wears a pink wedding dress for her wedding and receives a wave of criticism

In Australia, a woman who chose to wear a pink wedding dress on her wedding day has received an avalanche of criticism on social networks. She decided to respond to her detractors in the most beautiful way.

The Dress of Discord. Last November, Camille Lescal, a young woman from Australia, decided to wear a pink wedding dress on her wedding day . His choice earned him an unjustified avalanche of criticism on social networks.

The one who chose to break tradition had also asked her guests to dress in white. On D-Day, Camille Lescal invited her bridesmaids into a room to show them her colorful outfit.

This sequence was immortalized on video before being published on TikTok: “ Revelation of my wedding dress ! Absolutely no one saw the dress until D-Day, it was worth the wait! “.

And the least we can say is the young bride did not expect to receive a whirlwind of criticism and insults under her publication, which has been viewed more than 4 million times.

In the comments, thousands of Internet users did not hesitate to spit on the young woman’s dress: ” Users said that my dress was ugly and that my organza skirt (transparent fabric, editor’s note) looked like paper toilet ”, explains Camille Lescal in the columns of Insider magazine.

Also according to her, a wedding Instagram account shared her video, where she aroused even more hatred: “ I was confused by the comments (…) I am not an influencer and I did not understand why so many people cared about my dress or why they found it so controversial ”.

Faced with this situation, the Australian has confronted her detractors by posting a series of videos in which she displays their malicious comments. But that’s not all ! She also read the negative reactions aloud to point out their abusive behavior.

“ I noticed that most of the mean comments came from people who had used a false name, which gave them a certain anonymity (…) These people would never have dared to attack me like that in real life” , says Camille Lescal. Fortunately, she also received an outpouring of support from her loved ones and a large number of users.

No offense to the haters, the Briton spent the most beautiful evening of her life, surrounded by her loved ones and her family.

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