A family was surprised to find a pregnant cat in their house, she had taken refuge there to give birth

A month ago, a female cat entered a family’s home in Texas. Pregnant, the female was looking for a safe place to give birth to her litter.

A Texas family had a funny surprise in their home. A month ago, the members of the household noticed that a cat had entered the accommodation. The female, in the tortoiseshell dress, was pregnant and was looking for a safe place to give birth to her young. Surprised, the family contacted an animal shelter, the Coastal Ben Cat Rescue.

“The cat had entered through the cat flap of the house. They knew she needed help from a shelter as she was pregnant ,” said Coastal Ben Cat Rescue member Mary Huckabee, who took her into her home.

Today, the cat responds to the first name of Karaoke because she is very talkative and meows all day long. Very cuddly, she loves to purr and was pampered until the arrival of her kittens .

Six kittens were born
Eventually, Karaoke gave birth to three male and three female kittens. All of the newborns are in excellent health and due to their mother ‘s name , they have had song names since they were named “Sweet Caroline”, “Walking on Sunshine”, “Mustang Sally”, “Mickey” , “Uptown Girl” and “Hey Jude”.

Karaoke takes very good care of her little ones and always keeps an eye on them. When she has time, she loves receiving caresses from her mistress.

“Karaoke is an exemplary mother. She takes care of her babies wonderfully ,” said Mary Huckabee.

From birth, kittens become increasingly playful and confident, and their different personalities begin to stand out. The cat and her babies will all be vaccinated and sterilized before being offered for adoption to find a loving family.


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