She finds 13,000 euros on the ground, decides to return them and receives… 76,000 euros as a reward

In the United States, a deli employee had the incredible luck to find 13,000 euros and the good reflex to return them to the police. A gesture that left no one indifferent since a nice online kitty will come back to him as a reward.

This has happened to all of us once! Our gaze bends over the street and voila, a pretty banknote just waiting to be picked up to end up in our pocket. For Diane Gordon, a deli worker from White Lake Township, Michigan, it was more than a dollar bill. It was a huge wad of money, a big jackpot, which would have made more than one person’s head spin: 13,000 euros.

Aged 65, she walks home from work, 3.5 kilometers from her home, her car having broken down. To warm up and have a snack, she stops at a gas station when she finds a plastic bag full of money on the ground and like everyone else in her place, she wonders what to do with this find.

Without hesitating too much, in view of the staggering amount of the sum, she decided to… return this money to the police.

Indeed, when you find such an amount of money abandoned by chance, it is better to return it because it could be dirty money and it could only bring you trouble.

According to local television station Fox 2 Detroit, she simply felt that the money did not belong to her and that she should call the police. Which she did immediately!

“It could have made my life easier, but it didn’t belong to me” admits Diane Gordon, who could have had her car repaired, which has been broken down for a year and who walks 7 km a day to go there. -return between home and work.

A kitty of 76,000 euros to thank her
On the spot, the police investigate the origin of the money and discover that it is a sum belonging to a newlywed couple: “Inside the bag were also gift cards for a wedding that took place that day,” said a police lieutenant.

Thus, the police hand over the money to the couple who cannot believe their eyes. Surprised by this altruistic gesture, the wife of one of the police officers then decides to launch a solidarity kitty to help Diane Gordon buy a new car.

If the initial objective was 25,000 dollars (or 23,000 euros), the kitty today displays more than 81,000 dollars collected (or more than 76,000 euros) from almost 3,000 donations. A wonderful, well-deserved award!

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