A woman helped a homeless cat and she brought her kittens to her for help

In her garden, Lisian saw a cat. As soon as the animal appeared, it was clear that it had led a wandering life for a long time: the dark wool was dirty, and the ribs were visible through the thin body. The woman decided to help the cat and brought out a bowl of food and water.

The cat started visiting her new acquaintance’s yard every day to eat, and Lisian didn’t forget to refill her bowls every time. The woman gave her new friend the nickname Laura.

Laura began to show herself more and more often in the courtship of the woman, from the changed silhouette of the cat it was clear that she would very soon become a mother.

A few weeks have passed and Laura has just arrived at Lisian’s doorstep, she was not alone, but brought all her children with her. The cat brought babies to the house of its benefactor in its teeth, sat them near the house and fled to the next one. Soon all six kittens were in place. The babies were not yet a month old, the woman realized that their mother had brought them, because she herself was not able to feed so many babies.

Most of the kittens were black and fluffy, just like their mother. Lisian placed the entire cat family in her home, which was warm and safe. After taking a photo of the babies, the woman posted the story of the kittens and their mother on social media. Dozens of people responded to a woman’s post, and as soon as the children became independent, they went to live with new families. Laura stayed with Lusian, becoming an affectionate and playful house cat.

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