He sings for his friend …recently deceased at only 18 years old… The reactions of the jury is extremely moving

When 21-year-old Josh Daniels takes the stage in Britain’s The X Factor, he’s the day’s last entrant and the jury and audience are pretty weary and ready to go home. Little do they know that Josh is about to perform a spectacular rendition of British artist Labrinth’s hit ‘Jealous’. He sings the song in tribute to his best friend, who recently passed away at just 18 years old.

The song carries a whole new meaning for him since the death of his friend. And as soon as Josh starts singing, it’s clear he means every word. The reactions of the jury are among the most moving I have ever seen. Especially Simon Cowell, who, for perhaps the first time, is so moved by the performance that he literally can’t speak. It was when I saw his reaction that I could no longer hold back my tears. What a moving and touching performance. And what a voice!

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