This 16-year-old boy, blind for 12 years, sings in such a way that he receives the Golden Buzzer

Christian Guardino was very nervous during his audition. But what he did next was an absolute shock to the audience and the judges.

“You are like a shining light that just showed us everything”.

“You have an incredible gift. What a voice. Incredible,” said Heidi Klum. Simon Cowell called him “one of my favorite contestants I’ve seen this year. . . . It’s the best feeling possible when we meet people like you.

This guy can sing like crazy, he’s really talented and so humble.

Guardino, whose mother is a nurse and whose father is “a pizza delivery man”, he said, spent his first 12 years blind due to a rare retinal condition, Leber congenital amaurosis. Eventually, following groundbreaking research at the University of Pennsylvania’s Scheie Eye Institute, doctors integrated a healthy gene into his eye and he regained his sight.

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