Orphan koala with broken paw rescued in Australia

Australian zoo Weribee Zoo will receive a hefty amount of money to restore and expand its area in order to save endemic animals. After large-scale fires the year before last, small koalas were literally endangered, and caring for them has become a new national idea. And the symbol is baby Joey, who was taken out by veterinarians.

That’s how tiny Joey was when she got to the zoo

The situation was complicated – the mother koala was running away from the feral dogs and fell out of the tree in a hurry, and young Joey was sitting in her bag. Doctors could not save the adult animal, there were too many injuries, but the baby got off with only a broken paw. She was 5 months old, the age when the koala starts to stick out of the bag and explore the world.

The paw is nonsense, it was much more difficult to feed baby Joey. Weighing only 500 grams, she needed constant food, so zoo workers had to break into shifts to constantly feed the koala. Joey was incredibly lucky and she not only survived, but also recovered, got stronger, she was taught to get food on her own.

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