Hard not to cry watching this video․ The song “Like My Father” touches the heart

It’s hard not to cry watching this video. The lyrics to “Like My Father” tell the story of a daughter who observed how her father treated her mother. In this case, he did all the right things to love well.

“I need a patient, kind man
Get out of the car and hold the door
I wanna slow dance in the living room like
We’re 18 at senior prom and grow
Old with someone who makes me feel young
I need a man who loves me like
my father loves my mother”

Cara Hendriks’ unique voice glides over and under every note of this narrative song. Its sweet and raspy high notes are effortless.

The judges listen intently as Cara sings, and at the end of her performance, the two judges mimic each other and end up turning their chairs.

Cara is thrilled; she smiles through her words and elegantly ends the song. The audience erupts in applause and Cara’s family cheers backstage.

When the judges ask Cara about her inspiration for the song choice, she acknowledges her father and how he loved his mother. She says she wants to be with a man like him someday.

Cara’s beautiful and unique voice is a breath of fresh air, but her feelings for her parents are even rarer. Good luck to this sweet teenager and her career.

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