“Just don’t let go of my paw”: the dog in the shelter was afraid of being pushed away

Each of us needs personal space. Dogs also need time to be alone with their thoughts. Not at all such a dog named Stanley, after a life of homelessness, strives to spend every second in the company of the owner, as if he does not believe that the person will not disappear from his life.

Stanley lived in a New Zealand shelter until Sam arrived. The man immediately chose Stanley from all the neighbourhoods in the shelter, and that day the dog had an owner and a home, and the man had a pet that tries very hard to keep its master in sight.

For a while, the dog couldn’t believe his own happiness and feared that soon Sam would take him back to the shelter. Stanley did not leave his new master for a minute, preferring to be with him not only during the day but also at night. The dog did his best to demand the owner’s affection, often causing Stanley inconvenience.

Sam first saw Stanley when he came to the shelter to help. As a volunteer, the man sometimes came to walk the dogs at the shelter. While walking with one of the shelter’s wards, the man found a dog and two puppies, about six months old. Being a volunteer, the man took one of the puppies for overexposure.

It was not at all easy for the puppy to get used to the new home. He did not get out of the car for several hours, and when he decided to do so, he sat in a corner of the house for a long time.

Over time, the puppy fell in love with his owner, he did not want to be alone for a minute, so every evening he began to climb into Sam’s bed to sleep. The dog always lies down to feel his master’s touch. If a man turns over in his sleep, the dog immediately wakes up and moves to maintain contact.

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