Parents’ unwavering love is capable of anything, including reviving a newborn child

Despite the fact that Kate and David Ogg valued their union, having children would have made them truly happy. Three years after the wedding, Kate’s doctor finally gave her the joyful news that she was having twins after a very difficult struggle to conceive.

The parents were ecstatic.

They started getting ready for the birth of their children by furnishing the nursery and purchasing playpens and a ton of toys.

A premature delivery in Kate and David’s sixth month of pregnancy was a devastating shock. Major challenges arose for the mother during delivery. She and the twins went through a genuine trauma that day.

After the delivery, Kate recounts that a doctor approached her and her husband and inquired as to whether they had chosen a name for their son. They said that they would give the child the name Jamie. The doctor then turned to them and said, “I’m sorry, but we lost Jamie,” with grief in his eyes. David gently sat up in bed after hearing this.

Kate requested permission to hug her kid good-bye. The youngster was freezing. She begged her husband to get comfortable next to Jamie so he could warm him up.

She placed the infant’s body on her chest and started telling him how eagerly she and his father were to meet him and how great his sister was. They assured their youngster that his grandparents, aunts, and uncles would be waiting for him at home. They spoke to him while sobbing.

To everyone’s amazement, Jamie suddenly breathed, exhaled, and then inhaled once more. He also opened his eyes and grasped David’s finger in his small, barely fingernail-sized hand. Jamie had survived!

The physicians were at a loss for words. There was no other way to phrase it: they couldn’t find a single medical explanation for this miracle.

Two years later, the family welcomed a brother into the family.

Jamie never ceases to amaze his parents as he develops into a happy, healthy boy.

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