Simon Cowell says he got ‘goosebumps’ after this 10-year-old boy auditioned

Simon Cowell has become one of the most popular celebrities of the 21st century. He started as a producer for the TV shows ‘Pop Idol’ in the UK and ‘American Idol’ in the US. After “American Idol” enjoyed many successful years, the producers launched spin-offs in countries around the world. Cowell also became one of the major figures on these shows in his role as a sensible (and sometimes harsh) judge. Although Cowell was done with “American Idol,” he wasn’t done being a judge. He helped create “America’s Got Talent” in 2006 and “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2007.

And as most know, he worked as a judge on both versions of the show. Like Chef Gordon Ramsey, Cowell is known for his sometimes scathing comments on the show. When he doesn’t like an act, he doesn’t pull punches or shy away from criticizing. But almost everyone, even someone who can be a curmudgeon at times, has a softer side. Sometimes when someone gives a catchy and amazing performance, people can see the other side of Cowell.

It’s no secret that Cowell knows talent when he sees it, and in the past has helped launch a number of successful singers and bands, such as Susan Boyle, One Direction, Labrinth and Little Mix. The best way to get Cowell’s attention is to show him your talent on the big stages, and a young Filipino boy, Peter Rosalita, did just that during “America’s Got Talent” in June 2021. He was so good that Cowell said he had “goosebumps” after the performance. Be sure to reach the end of this article to see the full video.

Season 16 of “America’s Got Talent” premiered in June, and 10-year-old Peter Rosalita very quickly became a strong contender for the competition. He followed the grand tradition of the show of little kids with giant voices as he wowed the judges with his rendition of Eric Carmen’s hit song “All By Myself,” and her one-note vocal range.

He started the song in a lower register, which was already pretty amazing to listen to, but by the time he hit the chorus a second time, Peter was hitting octaves that had the judges standing for a standing ovation. Peter currently lives in the United Arab Emirates but is a Filipino citizen according to Heavy.

Singing came to him at an early age and “his family noticed that he preferred to watch cartoon videos which usually have musical scenes and sing along to them even though he couldn’t pronounce the words clearly” according to The Global Filipino Magazine.

His first attempt at a competitive signing came with his school’s talent show, which earned him a medal in third place.

Peter then began to enter local singing contests where his singing talent was honed and showed great promise, prompting his parents to put him in singing lessons. After the local competitions, Peter broadened his horizons and started participating in other singing competitions held internationally from Almaty, Kazakhstan, to Bahrain in the Middle East. His first big international competition is, of course, his catchy audition got AGT which has already made him a fan favorite. Peter certainly amazed the judges with his vocal talents and bubbly attitude as he spoke, but his singing audition blew everyone away.

The judges were quick to deliver the praise, with Howie Mandel saying, “I predict you will go far in this competition. Cowell’s warm response to the young singer was particularly surprising. “It was an amazing audition,” Cowell said. “Parts of this audition literally gave me goosebumps. You have an incredible voice, an incredible personality, an incredible energy.

Everyone will fall in love with you after this audition. “I think America is going to love you,” new judge Sofia Vergara agreed, with Cowell replying, “I think the world is going to love her.” As for Heidi Klum, she was surprised by the high pitched voice that Peter showed off so well and said that “you’d think a glass would explode” with Peter’s talent.

She too didn’t hold back with her compliments and loved Peter’s audition. It’s rare for judges to get such positive feedback, but it does happen. Peter’s audition captivated not just the audience, but the world.

Even with such incredible talent, however, it’s important to remember that he’s also a regular kid and student. One of his tutors told Global Filipino Magazine: “We always make sure he puts his studies first and we are proud to say that he is a constant honor student.

He has his singing lesson twice a week, that is to say on weekends. “While only time will tell how far Peter will go, he is sure to have made his mark on the competition already. Watch his audition below to see his talent for yourself: What do you think of Peter’s amazing audition? Let us know what you think and be sure to let others know about Peter’s crazy talent as well. Scroll below for more stories.

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