These girls were regarded as the most stunning twins in the world at the age of 7. And that is how they now look.

Leah Rose and Ava Marie were both born in California. Their mother and father, as well as their elder brother, excitedly anticipated their birth.

It’s been seven years. Due to social media, the ladies have grown up and are now actual stars who have won over millions of people’s hearts with their beauty.

That is how the newborn twins looked.

Undoubtedly, their parents deserve praise for their ethereal beauty. Check out this adorable pair.

The mother frequently received compliments on her daughters when she appeared with her kids in public and suggestions to submit their images to modeling agencies.

After creating an Instagram account for her twin children on their seventh birthday, Jacqui Clementes, a mother of twins, made them famous online. The sisters’ appearance pleased online users.

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