Baby Boy Born With White Hair Goes Viral: See What He Looks Like After 9 Years

Once, in 2012, a miracle happened. Patricia Williams gave birth to Redd, her 3rd boy, who had unusually white hair. At first, doctors thought the child was just blond, but when Redd turned older, it was obvious he was a pure albino.

His pure white hair and charming almond eyes made him unique and so adorable. Doctors did research to find a family member with this genetic condition. Finally, they were able to come to a conclusion, and it was clear that the baby took after her mother’s 85-year-old grandmother.

The family accidentally discovered the fact, after the grandmother showed a photo, in which among her Indian relatives she was the one and only blonde. However, the story is not over yet.

After 6 years, the couple ended up with their second son, who had the same disorder. Two boys were actively growing healthy and cheerful. Fortunately, they were absolutely normal, their only abnormality was their unique white hair.

Soon, Redd became popular among agencies, which invited the boys for multiple photo shoots for various brands. Rockwell and Redd’s mom and dad are lucky and proud of their sons, who have become popular, even passers-by ask them to take pictures of them if the kids don’t mind.

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