The dog lay doomed on the side of the road and buried his muzzle in the ground. The paws of the poor thing didn’t move

One of the shelters in India received a call and the speaker told about a dog lying on the side of the road, hit by a cyclist. The animal could not move its paws, and later it turned out that the dog suffered a serious injury to the vertebrae.

The dog was still able to move its front legs, but the hind legs were practically unable to function. The temperament of the dog turned out to be very affectionate and sociable, street life did not make him angry and aggressive.

Seeing people, he began to wag his tail merrily, although this caused her considerable pain. The dog was given the nickname Prince and taken to the shelter, and the veterinarian, after examination, showed that the dog could well be cured.

The prince was prescribed bed rest, massages, and medication therapy, and it was also very important to care for the animal. Luckily, the shelter staff provided for him and in just 45 days the animal made a full recovery.

Now the Prince runs cheerfully around the shelter and, looking at him, it is difficult to recognize in this active and friendly dog the old dog by the side of the road. It remains only to find caring owners for this wonderful animal, and the shelter staff are sure that it will succeed very soon.

What a blessing that more and more people take care of our four-legged friends in need.

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