She sees her lost cat locked up in a church in a dream and decides to go there when she wakes up

Looking for her pussy for days, a woman had some kind of revelation in her sleep. The next morning, she went to the place she had just dreamed of.

Nikki literally followed her dream, and that’s what allowed her to find her pet, which she had lost track of 4 days earlier. A story reported by Cambrian News.

Nikki Myring-Thomas lives near Maes-y-Garn in Wales. On Saturday, September 10, she noticed the disappearance of her cat Inka. The tortoiseshell feline used to slip away, but this time his absence was lingering.

She had looked for it everywhere without result. She was all the more worried because Inka had already been injured while running away. She then found her in a veterinary clinic after being hit by a car.

4 days later, on Wednesday September 14, Nikki Myring-Thomas woke up very early in the morning after having a strange dream. She saw her cat locked up in a church. When she got out of bed, she decided to go to the Saint-David church, near her home, convinced that she had not had this dream by chance.

She walked around the building, which is no longer open to the public, and began to call out the cat’s name. To her surprise, familiar meows answered his calls. They were those of Inka. Her owner could see her glued to a window. She even took her picture.

Inka had no way out. The church was closed and its owner was not on the premises. Nikki Myring-Thomas, however, was able to obtain his phone number from a neighbor. She called him, and the man arrived half an hour later to open the door for her and free the cat.

Her mistress found it hard to believe. She finally had Inka in her arms, found in the very place she had seen in her sleep.

“If I hadn’t had this dream, I wouldn’t have thought of going to check up at the church. Maybe I have a 6th sense or maybe my wizarding side has come out,” she jokes. The proverb “the night brings advice” has never had so much meaning…

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