Dog rescued from meat farm in South Korea hopes to get second chance in the UK

A little Beagle named Charlie Brown had a sordid start to life. Fortunately, he was rescued from the meat-trading farm he was imprisoned in in South Korea and found refuge with a loving home in the UK. A journey that nevertheless left him with scars.

Charlie Brown’s story is moving. When he was just a puppy, he lived in abominable living conditions on a farm intended for the meat trade in Namyangju in South Korea. The poor animal spent days and nights in a tiny, floor-to-ceiling wire cage with no water or food.

“Charlie Brown was one of a dozen innocent dogs held in conditions of extreme deprivation and filth. He would have been killed by electrocution or at the slaughterhouse and then transformed into food”, explains the association Humane Society International (HSI) which got him out of this hell.

Charlie Brown was expatriated to the United Kingdom by the All Dogs Matter association, which works in collaboration with organizations that fight against the meat trade in South Korea. He was then adopted by Caroline Day who now takes care of him.

When the young dog arrived at Caroline, he was suffering from leg injuries. She explains to the Mirror: “His paws had no shape or color because he had never really walked. Additionally, he had no muscle mass in his rear limbs and very poor spatial awareness.”

With patience and kindness, Charlie Brown regained his balance, built up his muscles and relearned to trust humans. “Charlie Brown is enjoying his life now. He is a sweet, tender and friendly dog who loves cuddles and long walks in the forest,” said Caroline. She adds, however, “The fact that he is still scared when we take out a broom suggests that he was not treated very kindly in his past life.”

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