Blind stray cat does everything possible to save her children despite her disability

Clue, a blind cat, demonstrated that the courage of a mother is stronger than anything. After seeking help and leading her Good Samaritan to her kittens, she can now enjoy a comfortable life in a loving home.

A stray cat regularly visited an elderly couple living in Texas. Their son, noticing that she was asking for help, followed her where she was taking him. He was surprised to discover his offsprings in a sheltered place. Three tiny kittens lived with their blind mother in this makeshift habitat. The man immediately contacted the Coastal Bend Cat Rescue (CBCR) shelter located in Corpus Christi, in the State of Texas in the United States. The whole little family was then sheltered in a foster family.

After an initial examination, members of the shelter thought Clue “had eye infections that were closing his eyes,” CBCR’s Mary Huckabee told Love Meow. However, eye drainage performed by the vet revealed that she had no eye tissue and was therefore completely blind.

The caregiver therefore directs his diagnosis towards congenital microphthalmia. She would have been born with very small or no eyes. “She will need an enucleation to prevent recurrent infections,” Mary said. Thus, Clue will be able to live in good health despite his handicap. “Being blind doesn’t bother her at all. Mom Clue is very protective of her babies,” says Mary.

When they arrived, two of the three kittens were in poor health. Too thin and showing signs of respiratory infection, they were treated and fed. They are now in great shape. The 4 felines now enjoy a comfortable space with people dedicated to their well-being. The kittens begin to explore their surroundings. Clue, on the other hand, takes care of her little ones and enjoys a well-deserved rest.

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