Iveta Tumasonyte, 14, Wins Golden Buzzer for Cover of Lady Gaga

In the climactic scene of “A Star Is Born”, Lady Gaga delivers a heartbreaking rendition of “I’ll Never Love Again”, showcasing her incredible vocal range. This performance sets a high bar, but 14-year-old Iveta Tumasonyte bravely rose to the challenge during her audition for Ireland’s Got Talent in 2019.

Standing in front of judges Louis Walsh, Michelle Visage, Denise van Outen and Jason Byrne, the Lithuanian-born, Irish-raised teenager announced her song choice, gaining encouragement from Visage who recognized the song’s complexity for a 14 year old youngster. With the judges’ support, Iveta began her performance. As the piano intro played, the audience watched with bated breath. Iveta’s mother, alongside presenter Lucy Kennedy, was already moved to tears, proud of her daughter’s bravery.

When Iveta began to sing, her mature vocal skills immediately impressed the crowd, earning her cheers of approval. The young singer’s confidence grew as she approached the song’s peak of emotion, stepping forward with the microphone in hand.

The enthusiastic response from the audience showed that Iveta had successfully captured their hearts and had a high chance of advancing to the next round of the competition. Watch the video below to witness Iveta Tumasonyte’s remarkable performance of “I’ll Never Love Again” on Ireland’s Got Talent.

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