Pitbull believes she’s the ultimate cat mommy

Everyone loves a heartwarming video, and this one featuring Ginger the pitbull is a gem that has melted hearts all over the world. She almost didn’t make it out of the shelter, and now she’s proving just how nurturing pit bulls can be by mothering kittens! You see, Ginger was rescued just in time, just days before she was to be euthanized, while heavily pregnant. It’s amazing to think that such a gentle soul was so close to losing his life.

This beautiful girl not only survived; she thrived, giving birth to nine puppies and later turned her motherly affection to raising the kittens, even though she can’t actually nurse them. Here’s the twist that gets everyone’s attention: she treats these kittens like her own babies. It is not milk that she provides, but a comforting presence that eases the kittens’ entry into their new world. Watching her and the kittens, you’d swear they believe she’s their real mom, and the comfort she provides is simply out of this world.

This touching storyline takes place in the home of Susan, who took Ginger in and quickly realized letting her go wasn’t an option. Susan noticed how cats were drawn to Ginger’s calming presence, a trait that seemed to make her the ideal foster mother for future rescues.

The bond that Ginger forms with these kittens does more than just nurture; it cures. The kittens arrive frightened and fragile, but under her watchful eye, they find their feet. Her calm, motherly nature reassures not only the kittens but everyone who watches this unfold on video. Find out why everyone is falling in love with the story of Ginger.

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