Dog didn’t despair and stubbornly dragged the heavy package to the very doorstep

This ginger dog is completely ordinary. There are many similar dogs on the roads of Bangkok. Smiling locals call these dogs “yards” as they appear in abundance in all the city’s courtyards. However, no one could have imagined that one of these mixed breeds named Pugh would become the most famous and beloved dog in Thailand thanks to his outstanding intelligence! On the day it happened, Pugh was wandering around Bangkok for no particular purpose. His route led through one of the city’s garbage dumps. Like any dog, Pugh loved landfills and wouldn’t miss the chance to go there. His attention was then caught by strange and unusual noises coming from a nearby garbage can.

Once the dog became interested, he climbed there and saw a particular package there. A pitiful and quiet squeak came from there. Pugh grabbed the package in his teeth (and it was heavy!) and dragged it to the next farm. He stopped in front of the people, placed a mysterious find on the ground and began to bark loudly and loudly, attracting the attention of the residents. In response to the dog’s heartbreaking cries, one of the residents of the house went out into the street.

At first she wanted to drive away from the annoying dog, but she saw the package and the squeaking noise coming from it. The woman concluded that there were little kittens inside that someone had thrown in the trash. What was her surprise when she opened the package and found… hardly a living human baby! The child was dying, it became clear immediately. He became blue all over and could barely breathe. Pugh sat next to him, looking expectantly at the woman as if guarding his find. Naturally, the city resident immediately called the police and an ambulance. Doctors took the baby to intensive care. Everything is fine with the newborn now. They succeeded in saving him.

Doctors say that without the brave Pugh, who stubbornly dragged the bundle with the child for several kilometers to the people, the baby would definitely not have survived. Local reporters found out about the incident and Pugh became a real town hero. Even the mayor of the city learned about the wonderful story! He ordered a personalized collar to be given to the heroic dog. Now everyone who sees him will know that in front of him is the very same Pugh. The incident is a great illustration of how intelligent and loyal dogs are. A dog really is man’s best friend and companion!

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