“Till death do us part”: A husband devoted all his love and care to his wife – a woman in a vegetative state!

This story of love and unwavering devotion has captured people’s hearts online. David César, a Brazilian, has dedicated his life to caring for his wife Bruna de Sousa, who tragically fell into a vegetative state after a medical emergency in 2018. Her life changed forever when Bruna suffered a sudden medical incident while staying at home. Despite attempts at resuscitation, the lack of oxygen during the incident left Bruna with permanent damage.

David, determined to support his wife, quit his job to become her full-time carer. Since 2019, David has selflessly looked after Bruna at home around the clock. This includes administering their medications, accompanying them to medical appointments and ensuring their daily needs. However, the financial burden is immense. The cost of Bruna’s care, including specialists and necessary supplies, exceeds David’s previous income as a driver.

Despite the challenges, David did not give up hope. News of possible treatment in Canada offered a glimmer of hope. However, the treatment comes at a high cost, which once again prompted David to appeal for support online. Throughout this time, David has documented their journey together on social media, sharing valuable memories and updates on Bruna’s condition. His unwavering love and devotion to Bruna is a touching testament to the strength of true love.

David’s story forces us to consider the depth of commitment we bring to our own relationships.

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