Life hack that will make your life easier: Why is it necessary to put soap in shoes after wearing them?

Sweat accumulates on the skin during physical activity, especially in closed shoes, creating an ideal environment for bacterial growth. This often leads to a persistent and unpleasant smell in sports shoes that is difficult to eliminate by washing and drying alone.
To combat this problem, I rely on bar soap. For this method you will need two bars of soap. Every time I come back from outside, I put a block of soap in each sneaker and leave it there until the next use.
This approach quickly eliminates any lingering odors. I prefer this technique because of its efficiency and the fact that it saves me from constantly washing my sneakers, which can affect their appearance and lifespan over time.
Although I read suggestions for combating shoe odor with tea bags, my attempts proved ineffective, so I went back to the trusty soap method.
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