Disappearance of Lucie, 16 years old: the young girl found alive “in the trunk of a sofa bed”

At the beginning of February 2024, Lucie, a 16-year-old girl, disappeared in the Meuse. This Sunday, the teenager was found alive. Unlike the disappearances of Lina and Émile which remain mysteries, that of Lucie, a 16-year-old teenager who disappeared on February 4 in Vavaincourt in the Meuse, has been solved. This Sunday, February 18, 2024, Sofian Saboulard, the public prosecutor of Bar-le-Duc announced that Lucie was found “in good health” and hidden “in the storage box of a sofa bed” of a apartment located in Ligny-en-Barrois, around twenty kilometers from the place where she disappeared.

As a reminder, Friday February 16, the Bar-le-Duc public prosecutor’s office opened a judicial investigation to “search for the causes of the disappearance” of the teenager. Following the parents’ report, the apartment in which Lucie was found had already been targeted by investigators. “The technical investigations tended to demonstrate, at least sometimes, the potential presence of Lucie in this apartment” declared Sofian Saboulard. As reported by our colleagues from Le Parisien, it is a dog specialized in detecting human life, which made it possible to detect the presence (by heat) of Lucie in this apartment. Prosecutor Sofian Saboulard clarified that it was a “voluntary disappearance”.

The teenager is currently being questioned by the national gendarmerie. Disturbing disappearance of Lucie, 16, vanished from her room a week ago A few days after her disappearance, on February 7, Lucie’s mother received a letter. In it, it was written: “Mom, it’s Lucie, I’m fine and I’m safe (…) I’ll be back soon.” The young girl, who has a habit of running away, also fled the family home last January. She was found at a friend’s house after turning off her cell phone.

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