A family has an unexpected reunion when the vet calls to say their lost dog has been found after over 11 years

The action takes place in the British village of Buckland Newton. Jack Russell Terrier ran away from home in 2010. The dog, named Crumpet, was only three months old at the time. Dog owner Sarah Covell and her family searched around the clock for the animal but to no avail, leaving the family to come to terms with the loss. Suddenly, in 2021, Sarah received a call: “The vets in Bournemouth called me and said they had found my dog. My first thought was that one of my three terriers had run away from the farm,” she says. But when Sarah found out the dog’s name was Crumpet, she almost fell off her bike. When Crumpet was found, he was wandering aimlessly along the embankment. An examination revealed the dog had tumors in both ears, causing him to lose his hearing. It seems that someone took him in as a puppy, and when he grew up and it became clear that there would be big bills to pay to the vet, he was abandoned.

Sarah Covell regrets not being able to be with her lover in her prime. But she hopes they will still have time to be together.

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