The cashier pays for the poor old woman’s food and the next day he is called to the authorities

This poor old lady had no money to pay for her groceries as she stood at the checkout. The cashier paid all his bills, not knowing that his boss would call him the next day. He was a 21-year-old boy who was in his second year of college. After losing his parents in a car accident as a child, Tim found his final resting place with his 65-year-old grandmother Elsa. She worked as a cashier to pay for her grandmother’s school fees and arthritis medication. He quickly went to his workplace and sat at the counter to serve the customers.


Christina replied that she didn’t have a card, she took out a wallet from her bag, he waited for the woman to search and check all his pockets. Christina looked around to see if anyone was watching her. She was afraid of being reprimanded if she said she had forgotten her bag. looked at his grandmother’s wagon, filled with provisions for the week. There were also small diapers, baby food, and various things that indicated she had a grandchild at home.


Christina has been waiting for more than 2 minutes and the store is starting to fill up with customers walking past her and her shopping cart. She pretended not to be worried and remained calm as she waited for the cashier. Touched by the friendly cashier, Christina went shopping, and Tim returned to his customers, thinking he would never see this woman again. But fate had other plans. The next day he is called to the boss’s office…

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