Grandson’s Sacrifice: Abandoning Career and Everything Else to Devote Life to 96-Year-Old Grandma’s Care

Many of us believe that there is nothing we won’t do to ensure the happiness and well-being of our family members. While this idea may be true, as we grow older and start a family of our own, it becomes challenging to put our lives on hold to support a loved one in need. Certainly acts of kindness and a willingness to be available to chat are things that most of us can manage on a regular basis. However, what if a family member asked you to quit your job, travel the world and dedicate your life to their well-being? Fortunately, most of us never have to face this question directly. However, for Chris Punsalan, a content creator and musician from the Philippines, the situation was different.

Chris’ family reportedly lives in Nevada, while his 96-year-old grandmother lives in the Philippines. The arrangement worked well until his grandmother faced a nursing shortage. As the family considered the idea of a nursing home, Chris stepped in and was willing to take extraordinary measures that few would consider. In short, Chris made the life-changing decision to uproot himself and move back to the Philippines to care for his grandmother full-time. Speaking about his decision to join ABS-CBN a few years ago, Chris said, “She took care of me, and I would hate to see her go into home care, which is where I think most grandparents in America go.”

Her go to home care because no one is able to care for them.” Chris, who is already known online for his content creation, couldn’t have predicted the viral impact of his decision. He welcomed this new chapter by sharing videos and giving a glimpse into his daily life with his grandmother. “It’s hard to watch her sometimes forget who I am and have to remind her,” he shared. “That’s one of the more challenging aspects because it’s a constant reminder that life is very fragile and very short.” Although Chris, this compassionate young man, lives apart from the rest of his family and has made great sacrifices to care for his grandmother, he is happy to have the opportunity to spend time with his elderly relative.

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