Veterinarian adopts dog who almost died: Love triumphs over all

An Uber driver in Kentucky discovered a dog on the side of the road that was unable to get up and needed urgent help. This kind driver took the dog to the Kentucky Humane Society, where he was named Travolta. The unfortunate dog, estimated to be just a year old, was severely malnourished, covered in infected sores and had maggots crawling over his body. His condition was so weak that he could barely lift his head, and it was obvious that he had been enduring pain for weeks. “His condition is severely malnourished, rated on a scale of 1 out of 9, the lowest possible value, putting him at risk of acute starvation.

His weight is only 14 pounds and should be at least 30 pounds,” the shelter said. The team was unsure whether he would make it through the night, but under the remarkable care of Dr. Emily Bewley and the medical staff not only survived, but also found a new home. He received round-the-clock care, healing baths, regular small meals and slowly began to recover under the care of Dr. Bewley. In the past few weeks he has gained weight, his fur is growing back and he has developed a special bond with his vet. Their unique bond led to Dr. Bewley officially adopted him on Valentine’s Day.

This touching moment was shared live on Facebook so that all the supporters and fans who followed Travolta’s journey could witness the happy ending. Travolta and his new owner wore matching outfits, making their mutual affection clear. “This is my Valentine’s gift,” said Dr. Bewley as he hugged his four-legged friend. After signing the adoption papers, the once-neglected dog took a victory lap around the front desk. He will never miss anything again. The entire Bewley family already loves him and is excited about the new, official addition to the family. He joins a family consisting of three siblings, two other dogs, two cats and a rabbit. Happy dicks, Travolta. You deserve this!

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