“The most painful experiences of my life.”

“Last night I had one of the most excruciating experiences of my life. The cheese counter was right next to the candy counter at the grocery store I was at. I was fixated on some cheeses. I overheard the following conversation: ‘- Please know that I will treat you with respect. Please! – Simply put, we don’t have enough money. If I buy you this candy, we won’t have enough money for bread.’ I immediately turned around. ‘-Please, you said that Santa Claus will come and bring us candy this year.’ I stood motionless while holding the cheese in my hand. The child was holding a bag of candy.

As I looked at her, I couldn’t believe that the stories I had heard were true. Before the little girl was dragged outside by her mother, she placed the bag of candy on the shelf. I rushed back to the candy store. The little girl was clutching a $2 box of chocolate. As I approached the checkout after loading the basket with goodies, the meat stand was inevitably in my path. The woman and her toddler looked through the window at the items.

There are eight slices of salami. ‘Skinny’ was said over and over again. My heart stopped beating. I asked the other seller for a salami stick and a pork pastrami stick. I was the first at the checkout. My eyes filled with tears. I waited for her outside the market. I handed the candy to the little girl. Since you were in the store, Santa left me this bag, so he came here. The girl turned her huge blue eyes away from her mother’s curious questions. The woman nodded at this. ‘-Look, Mom, Santa Claus is real!’ she screamed. I couldn’t describe how I felt, what worried and pleased me.”

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