“A 50-year-old woman was carrying her own son’s child. How is that possible?”

“These pictures from the series ‘Waiting for a little one’ are completely different than most of these pictures. Patti, 50 years old, was carrying her own son’s child because, unfortunately, his wife was unable to physically survive any of her pregnancies due to health reasons. Since their wedding in 2012, Kay’s mother-in-law has repeatedly joked that the best way to carry her child is not with a strange woman, but with family members.

Of course, the couple didn’t take these words seriously at first, but after trying to use this service several times – and each time Kay’s egg was not accepted by a potential surrogate, Kayla thought about the words of her husband’s mother. ‘At first I thought the specialists would say I was crazy for thinking such a thing,’ recalls Kayla. But then I researched and found that there are many cases of grandmothers carrying their own grandchildren.

We went to the examination and there, after numerous tests, they confirmed that Patti could become our surrogate mother. The first attempt at in vitro fertilization was in March 2017, but unfortunately it was unsuccessful. Before finally giving up, the family decided to try again. And after 2 months they tried again.

This time it was finally successful. Seven months later, Cross Allen Jones was born. He was born on December 30th. ‘I am so amazed at the possibility of this miracle,’ says Kayla. It’s clear that surrogacy is a trial, and for Patti it was particularly difficult, but when the child is in your arms, everything else fades into the background.”

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