Embarrassed, the horse just wants to lie down and die – a month later, the beauty has regained her senses

Dasher, the horse, faced death and accepted that his life was over. That’s when Stephanie, a horse rescuer, arrived and gave him hope. A month later, he was once again the most beautiful stallion in the paddock. See the transformation in the We Love Animals video at the bottom of the page. The young stallion was mistreated by his owners and his body is taking a hit. There was only one thing to do.

Someone had to come to the rescue. That “someone” is animal rescuer Stephanie from the Mississippi Horse Rescue organization. When she arrived at the animal, it was very weak and could barely stand on its feet. – He only held on to his hooves long enough to get into the trailer, then he collapsed. That shows how exhausted he was.

I think he was ready to give up. He was in a miserable situation. He was not given anything to eat and he had lost a lot of weight. He thought, ‘I’m going to lay down and die,’ Stephanie says in the video clip posted by We Love Animals. Dasher helkropp This is what the horse looked like when Stephanie arrived at the farm. Photo: Youtube – I thought about how to get the horse back on its feet. It takes a lot of strength to get up a horse that is already lying down,” she explains. Miraculously, she managed to get the horse – named Dasher – back on its hooves, but it only had enough strength to get into the trailer.

Then he collapsed. He was taken to his new foster home, located 15 minutes away. There, it had to be pulled out of the trailer. Stephanie says she could see by looking at him that he understood he was in a better place and that he would get through this. The four-legged friend lay down, rolled around and ate hay. At the same time, she knew that horses that lie down for more than a day or two have difficulty making a full recovery. The next day, they decided to act. The horse’s foster family used a tractor with a harness to lift him – and he managed to stand on his own two feet. – I came to see him the next day and was absolutely shocked to see that he was standing.

Usually it takes a long time to get them back upright. It wasn’t like he just stood up, either. He stamped his foot as if to say, “Hurry up and feed me!” “Hurry up and feed me,” Stephanie said. Dasher i sele Dasher was lifted using a harness and a tractor. Photo: Youtube Today, Dasher is doing well again – As soon as he received a little hope, he suddenly found the will to live. “I’ve seen horses thinner than him, but he had gone so long without hay or water that he was very dehydrated,” she says. But Dasher is back in shape.

After a month, he looked the same as before. Today he runs around the yard and enjoys life again. Dasher i dag This is what Dasher looks like today.

It is so rewarding to take care of a horse like Dasher and watch him go from literally near death to a strong, beautiful and wonderful animal,” says Stephanie. Fortunately, there are people like Stephanie who will do anything to save an innocent, abused animal. It’s incredible that Dasher’s life was saved. It’s really very good.

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