What contemporary kid beauty pageant princesses look like now

Little beauty competitors’ lives are not at all like those in fairy tales. They engage in strict diets, undergo invasive surgeries, consume energy drinks, and generally act in ways that kids shouldn’t. What occurs to them as adults, though?

Madison Berg

She resumed her profession and continues to compete in beauty pageants. She attends college and competes on the cheering squad. Miss Teen Mississippi 2017 was the most recent title she held.

Eden Wood

At age two, she began ambling down the runway. She had the appearance of a joyful little child doing what she enjoyed. But it quickly became clear that her mother had been constantly abusing her and providing her energy drinks.

The mom explained her actions as a result of her wish to help her daughter become resilient to stress. The girl eventually entered beauty pageants following the incident and the legal processes. She is now 14 and has a typical adolescent life.

Isabella Barrett

The girl was successful in making a fortune. After the premiere of Babies and Tiaras, she gained popularity. She debuted a line of clothing and jewelry when she was just 10 years old. She has earned more than $2 million to date, and based on her photos, she has no plans to stop.

Alana Thomson

The girl was given the moniker “Little Boo Boo” due to her charm and personality. Because of her natural appeal, she was able to prevail over other females. After noticing the girl one day, a television network offered her family to take part in a reality show. It was promptly shut down due to the scandal that developed. Alana had already forgotten about her modeling endeavors.

Myers McKenzie

At age 5, this little lady signed up to compete on “Toddlers and Tiaras.” She was the project’s most emotional protagonist, known for her frequent temper outbursts.

She’s currently 13 years old. She long ago gave up the bright cosmetics, stage outfits, and other elements of beauty pageants.

Mickey PaceDly

The contentious choice to dress up this girl as the lead in the film “Pretty Woman” was made by her mother. That picture was not well-liked by the American populace. The young model’s career was therefore cut short before it ever got started.

Tarelin Eschberger

This young woman has been immersed in the entertainment industry from start to finish. She began performing at a young age wearing a lot of makeup and having long hair. Such a life may have seemed to have left an imprint on her, yet that did not occur. Tarelin stopped modeling and began swimming and playing volleyball.

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