This mother and traditional housewife lives… like in the 1950s and confuses Internet users

In the United States, a 29-year-old mother has chosen to live like in the 1950s, and this lifestyle suits her perfectly.

Alexia Delarosa, 29, is a fulfilled wife and mother. The one who lives in San Diego ( United States ) adheres to the “Tradwife” movement. In other words, she advocates the return of the traditional housewife.

The American adopted this way of life because she felt neglected during childhood. The reason ? Her own mother was not very present when she was a child.

“ My mother worked and she also liked to spend time with her friends outside the house (…) I wanted to set up a more traditional model for my family ”, she explained in the columns of the Daily Mail.

Still according to her words, her husband, a certain Mathew, shares the same vision as her. Since their marriage, he supports his family financially, while his partner takes care of the home and the children.

“ Matthew loves being at work, and I love being at home (…) We both thrive in our roles and this arrangement works perfectly for us ,” said Alexia.

Unsurprisingly, her daily life as a housewife is very busy: she prepares all the meals, does the household chores and takes care of her two little boys. But that’s not all ! She also feeds her social networks, where she details her traditional way of life.

And the least we can say is that her publications are divisive: “ People like to comment to tell me that being a full-time mother and wife is not a real job ”.

One thing is certain: Alexia laughs wildly at critics: “ It’s so important to have a parent at home who is always there for the children (…) I couldn’t imagine our family any other way ”.

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