Douai: a complete stranger entered a school and gave a lesson to students

In the north of France, a stranger managed to enter a primary school and break into a class. He gave a lesson to students before fleeing.

In the north of France, the Jean-Jaurès primary school in Douai experienced a particular event on Tuesday, March 22, 20222. A complete stranger managed to enter the school.

That day, the headmistress of the establishment was absent, which created some confusion in the school. It is thanks to this situation that the man would have succeeded in introducing himself. Thus, he was already present in the classroom when the children arrived in the morning, at 8:30.

As the school director was absent, it was planned that a substitute come and teach the students. So when the children came to class, they didn’t find it strange to be in front of someone they didn’t know. Like a real substitute, the unknown therefore made class to the students of CM1-CM2.

However, the children noticed something was wrong when the man began to write in Morse code on the board and then started a very fast dictation.

“He spoke really very quickly, the children did not understand ,” explained a parent.

Subsequently, the man suggested that the students continue the lesson… doing whatever they wanted! That’s when the school principal and teachers stepped in and discovered the stranger in the classroom. They asked him to leave, which he did without any resistance.

A complaint was filed against him, and he was found a few hours later by the police, while he was trying to break into another establishment. A psychologist will intervene in the Jean-Jaurès school as a precaution, in the event that children or teachers need to talk about what happened.

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